Submissions are now open!

I am happy to announce that submissions for WEIRD CITY Issue No. 2 are now open (submission guidelines here)!

And what a great time for the stories we seek to cultivate. In the last few years, we’ve seen a revival of institutions such as TWIN PEAKS, an infusion of the odd into the icy-noir darling FARGO, and enjoyed a delightfully bizarro run in LEGION. BLACK MIRROR has continued to reign in its twisted, society-wary way, and the fantastically surreal continues to leak into all sorts of narratives, from ATLANTA to WESTWORLD. Most people would agree the world has gotten weird and, perhaps to compensate, the stories we seek out have gotten even weirder and more agile in their ability to challenge our expectations.

Submissions are open through the end of the year… or until we fill our quota. So if you would like to contribute to our examination of “strange things in dense places”, I encourage you to submit your story soon.